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Brian Weber
Financial Representative

1140 Highway 315, Suite 203
Wilkes Barre PA 18711
F 570.796.7684



The client experience is at the core of everything.  We offer tailored financial concepts and strategies to enhance the lives of our clients, their families and/or businesses.



MFA operates with a strong and diverse team of financial services professionals, who embrace healthy entrepreneurism, with client relationships coming second only to a healthy family-life/work balance.



Help each client identify their objective and foundation; strengthen and protect them by incorporating ideas and concepts that align with a clear plan; then continually assess and adjust the plan, as necessary, to stay on target.


I worked for almost twenty years in different aspects of finance and consulting, making a lot of personal and professional decisions regarding finances, but I never had a clearly defined plan to get where I wanted to be financially, just a lot of saying, “Someday…

I never thought about an actual plan it until COVID-19 came along. It upended so many things, and it led me to take a deep dive both personally and professional into what really matters most and what really makes me happy. In doing so, I found just how underprepared I was for retirement and life changing events – it was a huge eye opener. Even scarier yet, I learned my family was in the same position as most present-day American households.

So… I took the initiative to make some changes, educate myself, and started my own business as a financial services entrepreneur, in doing so partnered with Meridian Financial Associates.  It is now my pursuit to help everybody I can navigate around the financial dangers that once plagued me, and my family, by implementing the strategies and concepts necessary to secure a bright financial future and a consistent and familiar lifestyle throughout retirement!

Outside of the office, my wife and I spend time doing whatever the day brings with our two daughters, family, and friends.  I am a big Penn State football fan, love to grow tomatoes, and when time permits, for some unknown reason, I enjoy making myself really angry trying to play golf. 

If you want to learn more about protecting and growing your wealth, improving and protecting your business, setting the table for retirement, or if you have some good tips about growing tomatoes or you think you can fix my golf swing, give me a call at 570-820-5812 or email me at

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