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Travis Mattson

1140 Highway 315, Suite 203
Wilkes Barre PA 18711
P 859.957.7188
F 570.796.7684
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The client experience is at the core of everything.  We offer tailored financial concepts and strategies to enhance the lives of our clients, their families and/or businesses.



MFA operates with a strong and diverse team of financial services professionals, who embrace healthy entrepreneurism, with client relationships coming second only to a healthy family-life/work balance.



Help each client identify their objective and foundation; strengthen and protect them by incorporating ideas and concepts that align with a clear plan; then continually assess and adjust the plan, as necessary, to stay on target.


When does Financial Failure occur?

The most common occurrences are by high interest rates on debt, taxes, inflation or unplanned living expenses.

Severe, devastating occurrences are contributed by income coming to a halt by the loss of a job, significant injury, an illness, or an early death.

At the center of all occurrences is your income. Your income is your most precious financial resource.

People hire my team and I to formulate an action plan that addresses and alleviates the threats present in their financial lives. Our priority is to avoid financial failure on your path to success.

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